Jun 3, 2011

a lot of people say they hate sushi; but they've never tried it.

So my parents are very predictable. Every friday night they go to the same sushi restaurant and sit at the same table and speak to the same waitress. Every. Single. Week.

Living with them as I am home from college for the summer, I attend their weekly outings to the sushi restaurant and have fallen into their "routine." Might I add, I'm not ashamed at all. Free meal and good food!

I encourage you to find a good little sushi restaurant! Step out of your comfort zone and let sushi become your new weekly routine!

You say you don't want to go out? Cook it at home. Spice up your life.

Yes sushi might not look appetizing to some of you, but if you've never tried it, don't say you hate it!

Jun 1, 2011

Insecurities; nobody wants them but everybody has them.

So many girls feel unloved and ugly and they feel like they can't ever measure up to par with the models we see in magazines and the actresses we watch on tv. But that is the beauty of God.

He loves and adores each of His children. We are His treasures; we are His diamonds. We hold so much value in God's eyes. When we finally come to truly understand His love then we find joy in ourselves. We are adored by the God of the UNIVERSE; the Creator of this World.

I see so many girls [including myself] spend all of their time craving the attention from boys. Once we receive  that "love" from them, our self esteem increases. And a problem is some of us give parts of ourselves or hearts to that boy to get the attention from him--which then leads to maybe even more insecurities. If we crave the attention from God, which He will give, then insecurities are washed away. We find full satisfaction in our Lord and true joy will come. Our God loves us so much and He is everlasting. We are beautiful to him and that is the highest standard to ever be at.